Welcome Potential VIP Member!

What's this VIP Membership about?

If you’re reading this, chances are you arrived here from an ad on VPuniverse.com. And you’re curious about the VIP Program. Another well-known site in the Virtual Pinball community, VPinball.com, closed its doors a short time ago. It had been a sort of home to some, and was a great download resource for many of the Virtual Pinball tables and media. When VPinball.com shut down, VPUniverse.com really stepped in to try and help keep that same community around. Major updates were done on the back-end, and several table makers moved their content to the site. In addition, VPUniverse introduced a VIP Program – something as a way to help keep the site maintenance fees and costs more community funded, while offering better download speeds and other perks. 

So, What does that mean for US?

We at Doghouse Arcades pride ourselves on being more than just another vendor. We take great care in being able to help out the communities we’re involved in whenever possible. As a largely community driven hobby, Virtual Pinball has a lot of personal value for us. And while our focus is on providing Cabinets, Parts, and Accessories of all kinds for Virtual Pinball and Home Arcade systems, we want to see the Virtual Pinball community stay vibrant and healthy for many years to come so we too can have friends who share our passion! 

We are offering our own VIP program for anyone who becomes a VIP member over at VPUniverse. Sign Up as a VIP over there, and you will be considered a VIP member for us too! What does VIP status include for us? It will actually be a growing scope of discounts and offers exclusive to VIP members!

We plan to keep an up-to-date list with details on our official VIP Perks Page. Check it out!

We don’t have any automatic integration with VPUniverse for the VIP program, so we do unfortunately need you to send us proof of your VIP membership. Sign up, and then come back here to provide us with a screenshot for proof of membership, and we’ll be happy to add you to our VIP list! In case you need it, click below for access to the VPUniverse subscripton page:

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