Project Skee-ball

Our time with the Artist-in-residence program at Claremont Makerspace

As some of you may have seen, we were recently featured in an article by our local newspaper, The Eagle times. You can check out their article here

We are super excited both to be featured on the front page – after all, who wouldn’t be? 😉 And are equally excited to have been given the Artist-in-residence at our local Makerspace. Check them out here:

The Artist-in-residence program provides $800 toward the creation of an artistic work, 2 months of Unlimited Membership, a dedicated studio space at CMS, AND training to use new tools. Our goal is to make a Skee-ball unit that can be taken apart to more easily be put away when not in use, and since we were already donated funds toward the development of this, we plan to pay it forward and release our designs as well as instructions once we’ve gotten it fully designed!

We’ve got a very hefty backlog of orders at the moment, but our goal is to be fully ready to continue with our designs by mid to late April. Stay tuned as we’ll update this page with more content as we continue this fun community-focused project!