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Hello all! 

Thank you for taking a poke at our site! 

We’ve got a web design team working on our website overhaul, and are hoping to have that done very soon, and with a much better layout and set of informational pages on who we are and what we do. In the meantime, feel free to send us a message using our contact form if you had any questions or wanted us to send a quote on over – we’d be happy to help! 

In short though, we offer Home Arcade and Virtual Pinball machines, along with flat-packs for those of you a bit more diy-inclined.

We’re also working on a new Skee-ball unit which we plan to offer soon for those of you who want us to make one. We’re ALSO going to be providing plans and instructions for those of you who would like to build your own – you can check out more details as we have them right here – so check that out for more news!


Virtual Pinball Cabinets

Home Arcade

Custom Design Services

CnC and 3d Print services

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youtube channel

We’ve had a few production delays, especially with our tempermental 3d printers – but the good news is, we have a LOT of timelapse videos of 3d prints to upload soon, so if that’s your thing, be sure to subscribe. We have a lot of plans for more content soon!

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